2020 Highlight Reel

With snowfall totals in the Monashees spilling over the 10 meter (32 ft) mark last season, we truly had a season for the books! From deep days in December to our season wrapping up mid-March with blue skies and cold pow; it's hard to pick a favourite day out there.

03.18.20 Nick Xeros SOCIAL ONLY025

Bluebird March Days in South Cranberry | Photo - Nick Xeros

02.09.20 C.Ellis030

Monshee Old Growth Tree Shredding | Skiers: Kelsey Serwa and Stan Rey | Photo: Craig Ellis

untitled 1676
DCP Airing It Out | Photo - Phil Tifo

02.19.20 C.Ellis088

Pillow Paradise | Photo: Craig Ellis

01.20.19 S.Anley 140
A December Pickup from Scottish Lake in our English Zone | Photo - Sean Anley

untitled 1787
Party Shred with the YES. Snowboards Crew | Photo - Phil Tifo

Monashee Airtime | Skier: Dane Tudor | Photo: Grant Gunderson

02.21.20 C.Ellis048

Dose of February Alpine | Photo: Craig Ellis

03.18.20 Nick Xeros SOCIAL ONLY076
Last Light of Our 2020 Season | Photo: Nick Xeros